Sunday, February 22, 2015

Young India

Young India

On 26 or 27 December, Railway Authorities removed 900 destitutes living whithin railway boundaries of Delhi Railway Station. It was explained as their routine removal of encroachments. The media reported the action anti poor and described as an act with prejudices as they were removed in a very cold season. The constitution of the group was interesting. They were 900 of which 300 were children below 3 years. One physically challenge couple delivered their 4th baby on road next afternoon.

The event reminded me two views expressed in past.

1. Sanjay Gandhi was criticised for opting for mass vasectomy to control population of Poor India. The way our municipalities are controlling population of street dogs!

2. Some scholars argued that India's wisdom is diminishing after independence as the population of wise men/women decreasing in proportion of the total population. The well to do people who can afford cost of better HDI are not giving birth to babies beyond one or two and living long with medical support system. The poors are giving birth to many children and adding on to the burden of development expenditure over the budgets of the Governments.

Population is our strength. Our population is young with 65% of them are below 35 years of age. If medical support wouldn't have been there, average age of Indians couldn't have further improved. The number of young Indian would have further gone up.

Population is our strength but it is weak as large numbers of them are unskilled. Productivity and placement of these young generation is one of the biggest challenge of present India. We have increased the flow of doctors, engineers, para medics, professionals but the flow of others is also increasing at much higher rate. The Governments are many a time reach to a stage of breathlessness while chasing for their HDI support. Developed India demands infrastructures and Poor India demands basic minimum needs of water, shelter, health, education, electricity; and mobile if you make it free calling!

Please suggest balancing formulas, if you have some in mind.

31 December 2013


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