Sunday, February 22, 2015

Long Live India

Long Live India

Was India slave under British Rule or was it slave under the rule of Kings of India?

Was India more free under British rule compare to India of Kings?

Were people more exploited under British rule v/v exploited by the Kings of India and money landers?

Were people had more freedom of expression under British rule v/v freedom during rule of Kings of India?

Who exploited more? Britishers or Indian kings? Which was more? The wealth driven away by Britishers or the wealth in the custody of Kings of India in India and abroad?

Who addressed the issues of governance, welfare (health, education, infrastructure development, rule of law, equality, freedom, etc) more? Britishers or Kings of India?

How a trading company named East India Company became power company over India? Practically, it became a Security Outsourced Agency, given right to collect its revenue/charges directly from people. The incomes were going mostly in payment of Indian soldiers and establishment. Obviously, being rulers, their policies ruined Indian trade and industries to safe guard economic interest of England. But while doing that, it gave us big infrastructure, one umbrella of rule and knowledge of freedom and liberty.

In fact, India came under direct British rule w.e.f. 2/8/1858 by transfer of control of GOI from East India Company to Crown of England. When we became independent, 1/3 of India (12 of 36 crore people of India) was under the rule of Princely States. The freedom movement started against East India Company during 1857 mutiny gathered a momentum through reformists and newly educated Indians lead into a long freedom fight and finally freed us from British rule on 26/1/1950.

Was it possible to have Powerful India in present form without the presence of Britishers on this land for 2 centuries?

Our import is higher than export during post independence time? Does it mean that our wealth is still going away in foreign hands? Are oil, electronics, technology, weapons, gold become our necessity or exploitation by foreign agencies?

Who so ever or all of them, contributed in forming present day Powerful India to be thanked because without them it was a dream to have a big country with equality, freedom and development of all with a public rule under Constitution of India.

Sare Jahan se achchha Hindustan hamara.

Long live India.

Happy New Year Vikram Samvat 2070.

4 Nov 2013


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