Sunday, February 22, 2015

Are Elections fought on Onion Price

Are Elections fought on Onion Price

The per capita annual income at current price in Delhi is Rs. 2,01, 083; nearly three times the national average of Rs. 68747 and highest in the country. But 74% of the people considered price rise an issue of the assembly election of Dec 2013, telling that cost of living is still a very important issue in India. Balancing amongst income of farmers, spending of customers and controlling the exploitation of middle men is one of the biggest challenges of any government in Asia.

India grown from the under developed stage of infrastructure left behind by the British, now one of the fastest growing economies. But when it comes to elections, issues go gown to even Onion Prices. Onion price was one of the major issues of Parliament Elections in 2004 too. Are Parties uncovering leaves of onion to find Power?

The discussions on development of Ports, Railways, Roads, Canal Irrigation, Sanitation and Medical Care, Tele Communications, IT, Power, Education, Universities, Courts of Law, Science and Technology, Green Revolution, White Revolution, Industrial Growth, Urbanization, Consumption Expenditure of Governments and Privates, growth in GDP and per capita income etc, are missing.

Per capita utilities (mobile, transport, two wheelers, four wheelers, Gold purchased and stored, pacca houses, electrification, water supply at door steps, financial inclusion, etc.,) have not been analysed and presented before the voters.

Parties are following "SWOT Model" of campaign. Beating drums on Strength of achievements, Leave or Keep mum over Weaknesses, find Opportunitues in voters' liking of words and promises, draw the opponent's line small to overcome Threats.

Governance and prices of essential commodities are the major issues to attend.

A one day game of 10 hours voting gives power for 5 years.

शुभम् भवतु !

1 December 2013


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