Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Story of Bumble Bee and Mud Bee

Bumblebee (भँवरा) and Mudbee (गेंगा)

My father Khemchand used to tell us story of two Bees, looking similar but living in different places. 

Bumblebee  lives in a Garden and Mudbee lives in a mount of animal dung. One lives in fragrance of flowers and extract honey. Another lives in dirt and faeces. 

One day, while passing through, the Bumblebee saw the Mudbee, looking same like him. And also saw his poor living conditions. Why does he live in such dirt? He went to him and asked, ''Why do you live in muck and faeces? Come to my garden. There are roses and agaves and jasmines. You'll be thrilled by their fragnance.'' 

Mudbee gave it serious thought, flew with the Bumblebee to the garden.

In the garden the air was sweet with fragrance. The Bumblebee guided the Mudbee to different flowers and asked, ''Well, what do you think of the fragrance?'' ''Nothing special. I still smell the same old odour,'' the Mudbee retorted, not impressed at all. 

The Bumblebee was confused, ''Why does my friend fail to enjoy the fragrance?'' he asked himself. Then he took a closer look at the Mudbee and found two tiny balls of faeces fitted up his nostrils. As a precaution for survival, Mudbee rolled up two small balls of dirt and faeces and plugged them into his nostrils before start from his mud mount.

The Bumblebee made a plan for removing them. Taking the Mudbee to a pool of water, he offered him the chance to swim. They both dived into the water. Bumblebee then climbed upon the Mudbee back and pushed his head underwater. Water rushed into the Mudbee's nose and mouth and made him burst out with violent sneezing. This procedure forced out the mess that was blocking Mudbee's nose. 

Quickly after that both returned to the garden. The Bumblebee took the Mudbee to a rose plant. Rose, ''Ah... Ah... what a scent! It's fabulous... The scent of rose is wonderful.'' The Mudbee praised the flowers no end. 

''The fragrance was always here, but it was you who chose not to enjoy it. You had stuffed your nose with muck and excreta.'' Bumblebee scolded his friend and then took him to savour the scents of other flowers in the garden. 

There are many people in the world. Looking same but some live like Bumblebee and many live like Mudbee. Those who see the World as the manifestation of God, can feel and enjoy the divine atmosphere fragrant with the Grace of God. But those living in the odour of the world, unless splashed by the Guru in the Ocean of wisdom can't enjoy the happiness of God. 

It is our choice. Bumblebee or Mudbee?

भँवरा या गेंगा ?

10 February 2015

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