Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Later Mughal Era

India born on 15/8/47 at 00.00 hrs with Moon in Cancer, Pushya nakshatra; Tauras lagna, with all the planets located in the dark globe with kal sarp position of Rahu and Ketu, making 3rd house (adventures, siblings, neighbours ) the strongest with positioning 5 planets (Moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Sun).

The country started its journey with Saturn Mahadasha, has passed through Mercury, Ketu and Venus mahadasha and now passing through Sun mahadasha.

It had fortunate time 20 years of growth and wealth during Venus Mahadasha from 11/9/89 to 11/9/2009. But thereafter, Sun Mahadasha has proved very tough for rulers from 5/11/10. Sun mahadasha with Rahu antar 5/11/10 to 29/9/11; with Saturn antar 18/7/12 to 29/6/13; rahu pratyantar from 22/3/13 to 13/5/13 didn't give joy of power to the central government. The present government has Rahu in fourth house, the house of happiness. It was deprived of that. If survived till 29/6/13, it will complete its full term. It has advantage if elections are held before 4/5/14.

The period from 11/9/15 to 11/9/25 will be time for adventurers and the nation will gain wealth and strength. But period from 12/9/25 to 11/9/32 indicates violence and internal conflicts. The country may have to work hard for 18 years from 12/9/32 to 11/9/50 to regain its glory. I may not be their physically, but will pray through soul for the happiness of Mother India. 

Happy Mother's Day. Long live India.

Shubham bhavatu Kalyanam.

12 May 2013


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