Sunday, February 22, 2015

Power of a Bureaucrat

Power of a Bureaucrat

Shiv and Shakti, the God and its power. Both are one and inseparable. Similarly each object and individuals have shakti for action.

We see mostly five shakti in people today. Dhan Shakti, Bal Shakti, Roop shakti, Raj Shakti and Gyan Shakti. Each individual has one or more such powers. And depending upon its use in public, his influence over the group or area determined.

Bureaucrats have Raj Shakti, a temporary power till he/she is in chair. Transfers takes away power from one segment but gives for another. But retirement takes away all. Therefore, a bureaucrat will either manage to continue with post retirement assignments or find out a new venture of another shakti. Few are lucky to be chosen by the governments without much efforts; getting 'Innam' of their past contributions.

But those miss shakti in most forms find the life difficult to adjust. When they remember their good old days, life gives more pain if desires of power have not died. Their expectations reduce their joy. But those remember their positive contribution to the society, have satisfaction and peace of mind. They still contribute, may be little like squirrels but visible as prides of the bureaucracy.

8 May 2014


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