Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Rahu in Scorpio and Saturn in Libra will establish Rule of Law

Rahu in Scorpio and Saturn in Libra will establish Rule of Law
(Only for the believers)

I am wondering, whether there is any link between political turmoil and Rahu’s presence in Scorpio. Rahu entered Scorpio the depleted sign of Moon on 6/6/11 and will remain there till 22/12/2012. 

In past, Rahu was in Scorpio from 30/3/74 to 12/10/75 [Allahabad conviction, declaration of emergency (21/3/75), Navnirman agitation, MISA, suspension of elections, politicians in jail] and from 12/11/55 to 15/1/57 (period of Mundhra scam of LIC followed by resignation of Finance Minister TT Krishnamachari).

What we see in present political environment? 

Opposition attacking the ruling parties, resignations of Ministers/Chief Ministers, Politicians and Babus are in Jails, people’s unrest, economy in crisis, scams discovered, mass movements and agitations, active judiciary with landmark judgments, commissions and committees to decide important issues, active print and electronic media, etc. The period is vibrant with the 2G scam, jail & judiciary, demand of Lokpal and pressure on governments. Many Ministers in Central government changed, many ministers dropped from UP cabinet, CM of Karnataka and Uttarakhand have been changed. It seems that the same trend will continue in 2012. 

We saw new rulers in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya after mass agitations.

The Saturn has entered in moon sign Libra since 15/11/2011 and will remain there for 30 months except some period of retrogative movements. Libra is an escalated sign of the Saturn, therefore, the strength of Saturn is at its pick. As it moves ahead, it will bring fortunes to many and will establish the rule of law in the country. Those who have managed judiciary for some time will now come under the scanner of the Lady Justice. The Lady Justice wearing blindfold (objectivity), balancing the scales of truth and fairness will prevail at the end. 

Jupiter is in sign Aries till May 2012. The Saturn and Jupiter are aspecting each other indicates the victory of diplomacy. Those who follow diplomacy will survive. 

The positive or negative results due to the movement on Rahu, Saturn and Jupiter will depend on individual’s janma lagn, navansh, vishotari and planetary position with degrees in his/her horoscop. 

Those who have interest in personal reading need an astrologer who can read it! 

Satyamev Jayate.


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