Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ginseng a life stimulator

40+, feeling tired, need stimulation? Try Ginseng.

Ginseng  has  been  used  as  a medicine  for  over  two  thousand  years.  It  has  unique  healing properties. American ginseng promotes yin energy, cleans excess yang and calms the body, while Asian ginseng (Panax) promotes yang. There are four types of Ginseng: Fresh, White, Red and Sun Ginseng. There are two major sources; Eastern Asia (mainly Korea) and North America.

The active compounds in Panax ginseng are believed  to be  steroid-like components called ginsenosides. It has been demonstrated  to have a stimulating effect on  the pituitary gland to increase the secretion of gonadotropins. In Chinese medicine it is used to quickly restore homeostasis (balance) reducing the effect of aging and enhance physical, sexual and mentalperformance  whilst  increasing energy  and  resistance  to  the  harmful effect  of  stress  -  and for these reasons it is often used to help men with impotence and sexual problems, and is a good general tonic.

Ginseng  is  a  sweet  tonic  herb  that  stimulates  and  relaxes  the  nervous  system  and encourages  the  secretion  of  hormones,  improves  stamina,  lowers  blood  sugar  as  well  as cholesterol  levels  and  increases  resistance  to  disease.  It  is  traditionally  associated  with stimulating sexual  function and increasing energy. It is an effective alternative  for treating male erectile dysfunction.

It  contains  at  least  18  triterpenoid saponins,  called  ginsenosides  or  panaxosides  and  they are  glycosides  of  oleanolic  acid,  20-S-protopanaxdiol,  ginseng  polysaccharides  (panaxans), pectin, free sugar, vitamins B1, B2, B12, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, choline, fats, minerals and polyacetylenes.

Keen to search  for Ginseng? Get it  from Korea! If you don’t get it please try Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) an alternative of Ginseng in India as it is called Indian Ginseng.

Safety precautions and warnings: The common adaptogen ginsengs are generally considered to be relatively safe. It may worsen the side effects of stimulants such as coffee, and should best be avoided when consuming alcohol. Not normally used by pregnant women, children, people suffering from depression, high blood pressure, anxiety or any acute inflammatory disease. Excess may cause headaches, restlessness, high blood pressure and nausea. Those who take medicines for the disorders related to central nervous system, hormone dependent illness, heart disease, BP, diabetes etc. must adjust their doses as per the advice of the doctor as Ginseng may interact with the medicines and stimulate its effects.



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