Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Modi Rahul Forecast

Both are rising. Both born in moon sign scorpio but with different nakshatra. One with Jyestha (lord Indra) another with Anuradha (lord Mitra). Both have one depleted planet, Saturn and Moon respectively. Both are passing through Moon mahadasha and Saturn sadesati. One has Moon-Saturn-Rahu/Jup and another has Moon-Rahu-Jup dasha, anterdasha and pratyantar period. One will be governed by Saturn and another by Rahu during election period and surprisingly both planets are moving in Libra. However Saturn (25 37) and Rahu (03 06) are far apart and moving towards the next sign Scorpio and Virgo respectively. Exalted Saturn is moving at nearly 180 from the Birth Saturn (depleted) of one with a positive move of Jupiter over birth Sun & Mars. Another born with vargottami Venus has advantage of exalted Venus at the time if poll may fetch good number of female votes and may lead to Malvya yoga. 

One rose from a Student (born with silver spoon in his mouth) to MP to General Secretary to VP of a party. Another from a tea vender to Pracharak to General Secretary to CM to PM candidate from a party. Both have lost their father and growing with the blessing of their mothers. 

Winston Churchill was born in Jayeshtha and Indira Gandhi was in Anuradha nakshatra. Both have Mars personality with quick decisions-reactions in matters coming across. One has daring another can destroy enemies. Whosoever wins, will become a famous PM of the country. 

The person who lost the race in the first round (born with depleted birth Saturn) may be a key figure in turning the table around. He who defeated one with depleted Saturn has to face 2 persons with depleted Saturn. Very interesting fight that will be watched by the world. 

All eyes are set in May 2014. Sun will be in its exalted sign Aries till 15/5/14.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam. 



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