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July-August Month of Leo

July-August Month of Leo

This month is a month of Leos. Western astrologers consider the period 23 July to 22 August as Leo sign. I prefer to take Sun movement in moon sign Cancer from 14-15 July to 14-15 August. Those in the Centre of the month are full of Leo character. Those born bordering dates in July have Cancerian (emotional) and those in August have Virgorian (introvert) effect in their nature.

Gujarat had 5 Leo Chief Ministers.

Shri Madhansinh Solanki (30 July)
Late Amarsinh Chaudhary (29 July)
Shri Keshubhai Patel (24 July)
Shri Suresh Mehta (18 Aug)
Shri Shankarsinh Vaghela (21 July)

Amongst us are:

Shri HR Patankar (29 July)
Shri HK Khan (15 Aug)
Shri D Rajgopalan (26 Aug)
Shri MM Srivastav,
Smt. Gauri Kumar (16 Aug)
Smt Vijya Laxmi Joshi (1 Aug)
Smt Rita Teotia (24 July)
Shri MS Dagur (15 July)
Shri Anil Mukim (15 Aug)
Shri PK Parmar (28 July)
Shri Vipul Mitra (22 July)
Shri AK Rakesh (21 July)
Shri Kamal Kumar Dayani (25 July)
Smt. Jayanti Ravi (17 Aug)
Smt. Anju Sharma (15 July)
Smt.Mona Khandhar (15 Aug)
Shri MA Narmavala (4 Aug)
Shri NP Thakar (25 July)
Shri M Thenarasan (25 July)
Shri Rahul Gupta (20 Aug)
Shri Rajesh Manjhu (20July)
Shri HN Thakkar (13 Aug)
Shri Banchha Nidhi Pain (15 July)
Shri Ranjeeth Kumar J. (28 July)
Shri Kuldeep Arya (20 July)
Shri SA Patel (20 July)

You may like to add some more names in bureaucrats list, many retired.

They are leaders. Born to lead. Don't have subordinate software. Carrying king's syndrome ' i m right'. Always in stimulated mood and a mood booster to others. Never go in depression. Generous and full of big ideas. Always in search of bigger area to perform. Difficult to satisfy. And living 2 Leos together, very difficult. It will be a Kingdom fight, keep each other occupied in strategic management. They are the best crisis managers therefore pass through crisis. Overlook small issues of enemies, but if disturbed beyond limit, destroys the enemy. A combination of king like generosity with killing instinct.

This year Jupiter is moving in watery moon sign Cancer over the birth Sun. It is a year of rewards and happiness, good news from children, cordial relation with boss and spouse (home boss!), and short tenure long trips to enjoy the world around.

Happy Birthday to all Leos, belated or in advance.


27July 2014


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