Thursday, February 19, 2015

Where is the Power Centre?

Where is the Power Centre?

There was a Sadhu, living in a cottage. He used to go door to door, asking for alms (bhiksha) in a bag (jholi) from people. He used to keep the bag besides him at home. His only Sansar was his shoulder bag. But life was not that easy. A mouse was to come and chew his bag everyday. He used to repaired the bag but when the mouse continued its chewing, he hanged the bag on to two feet height on wall so that he can use it comfortably while sitting. But the mouse started jumping on it and continued chewing of the bag. The Sadhu increased the height of the hanger but again the mouse jumped that height and continued chewing. The Sadhu increased the height again and again but the mouse was jumping up and continued damaging his bag.

Tired of this, the Sadhu decided to do research on the strength of the mouse. He found out the hole/house of the mouse under a tree. One day, when the mouse was away, the Sadhu dug the hole for knowing the source of the strength coming into the mouse. After digging out some feet deep inside, he found a metal pot with covered mouth. He pulled it out and opened. His eyes were on stalks. The pot was full of diamonds, precious stones, gold, and jewellery. He took away the pot and distributed the wealth to the needy people. Surprisingly, after that event the mouse was walking slowly and couldn't jump the lowest height of the hanger. It's Power Centre was destroyed.

The mouse is a symbol of the people in power or have wealth. They jump a lot till the pot of power/wealth is full. But as soon as it emptied, their body language change like a mouse.

The power is not in our Body but it is in the Pot/Chair! My father used to remind us.

19 February 2015

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