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Why Dukha (unhappy events) in Life?

Why Dukha (unhappy events) in Life?

Our life is full of Sukha and Dukha, the bundle of happy and unhappy events. There are Trividh Taap (three types of afflictions) that we pass through; adhi bhautik, adhi deivik and adyatmik. Adhi Bhautik Taap given by the creatures around us (humans, animals, insects etc). Adhi Daivik Taap by the Nature through natural calamities (flood, storm, drought, etc) and Adhyatmik Taap comes from within (from the body and mind)

We normally accept the adhi daivik and adyatmik afflictions as part of our life as we can't counter the Nature and the DNA. However, mitigation always help in reducing intensity of these afflictions.

Most of us are bothered about the adhi bhautik taap(afflictions) given by our partner, family, friends, enemies, peers, seniors, diseases, transfers, postings, etc. This is the Taap, we don't accept from mind and develop dislikes for the surroundings and accordingly act and change our behavior and life pattern that add on in adhyatmik taap making our body and mind worst. The resistance persist longer.

Many bureaucrats are afflicted by under evaluation in PAR and by not getting choiced postings. As many experienced, these are more through PR than performances. We are transmitter of God's power (Shakti) for public cause whether selected or elected. Many forget the Grace of God behave abruptly and when retire, they are powerless, faceless. In Gujarati, people say, उतयोॉ अमलदार कोङीनो। (उतरा अमलदार कोङी का।). Remember, those who acted with malaise intention to harm others without reason, will be punished by the Almighty by taking away peace from their hearts. 

Let us come back to the Trividh Taap. If we accept them as an mandate from the Almighty, they become opportunities of our growth. Hinduism has linked it with the theory of Karmas. The arguments that these are happening due to our past wrong deed. It is for diverting our attention from the afflictions to actions to build our better future. Each Taap (affliction) may turn into opportunity if one use it rightly. The reprimand is for our progress in the field chosen by the Almighty.

Look at the episode of Kaikeyi and Manthara in Ramayana. The whole of Ayodhya was busy in preparedness of Rajyabhishek of Lord Rama the next morning, but the queen Kaikeyi demanding 14 years exile as hermit in Dandakaranya (jungle of punishment) for Rama in the night. People hate Kaikeyi for her act but Rama didn't. Because her act built Rama as fearless person to face Asuras. Rama was so fearless, that Asuras like Khar and Dushan and others looking at him, died in infighting amongst themselves. 

Don't worry. If adverse happening to you, it  is for making you stronger for performing bigger and better role. You are above all, the master of your destiny.

Enjoy the Grace of the Almighty and do your best forgetting all worries about people around you, the postings, transfers and PAR scores. In a career of 3 decades the average of good or bad postings is the same for all. They come and go. For Sadhaks, Sab bhoomi gopalki. Those looking benefited from distance, if go and see them from near, डुंगर दूर से सुहाने, पास जाओ तो सब पत्थर। If gained something, must have lost something. 

Accept the people and situations as they are. They are around you in the same form of Brahman as you are. They are you. Infact it is your interpretation/image on your screen created by you that make them friends or enemies. Enjoy each moment wherever you are because the peace, bliss and happiness are within you.

The Trividh Taaps are for building our path for betterment as desired by the God. If we accept it as desire of the God (Hari Ichchha), all our afflictions will go away and the peace and bliss will be felt which exist eternally. राम राखे तेम रहीये।

6 February 2015


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