Saturday, February 21, 2015

Is Alcohol Beneficial to Life?

Is Alcohol Beneficial to Life?

It is not new for us to see drunkards and their behaviour in India. It is no more a 'Som Ras' (pleasure drink) but a 'Vish Ras'. Many kingdoms ruined after Sura and Sundari.

Richness of India is seen in Bar in Clubs or in a Bar room in rich houses. Now, Institute like LBSNAA has made Bar Room official. Adding alcohol in the training? It is a major source of Revenue for many States and a reason for Tourism promotion. Airlines may doom huge lending of banks but distillery can run in profit.

One of the major reasons of poverty in India is alcohol. Poverty of life and poverty of thoughts. Wives earn from hard labour of the day and husbands drink liquor out of their earnings. They sell milk and drink liquor. They drink and beat family members (mostly the wife) everyday. Quarrels are their daily exercises. Weak bodies, chicks inside, dissonant voice,  and life tattered. Alcohol is digging them further inside the poverty grave. Long long  queues in evening on Kerala roads or in slums of cities or villages, the piakkads are on their habitual drinking mission. Many people take side of them defending it as a medicine for forgetting their pains of life. In fact they are adding pain for all.

Drinking alcohol is a suicidal act. Do you remember the story of our great Poet Kalidas? He was found cutting branch of tree on which he was sitting. Thousands in India are cutting their life line everyday. Thousands of houses are headed by widows as the drunkards are departing the world in their 50s or 60s.

And the elite? They are polished, drink for taste and to enjoy the company. They feel that it is a stress reliever. They have nature to develop stress during the day time and relax the mind through couple of pegs of alcohol in the evening! Some can't sleep without a peg and chicken leg. Some try to reach the stage of 'Tulli'. Dry parties make their life dry!

Some use it as a license of opening their dirty think tanks. What they talk? Sharab, Shabab and Kabaab. Why do they crack jokes on sex and private parts of women? Are they doing it to forget the pains of their life like poor? It is uncivilized behaviour.

And what do the wives do? Many fight, some surrender and few give them company and a signature to apply for liquor permit.

Alcohol is a toxin kills cells and body. There is no safe dose of alcohol prescribed. Some may laugh when I say, drink it in a teaspoon as medicine, but not in a glass full of death! Death of cells, death of body, death of positive thoughts and death of dignity.

Alcohol is not the bliss of life, whether it is single malt or multi mault. It is for taking away motor control from the cerebellum. LoL.

21 February 2015

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