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2014-15, a Year of Exalted Jupiter in Cancer

2014-15, a Year of Exalted Jupiter in Cancer

Saturn after a long stay will move to Scorpio in November 2014. The exalted and retrograde Saturn is old in Libra, opening a way for Jupiter to perform its role in exalted sign Cancer for a year from 18th June 2014.

Interestingly, all three (Advani, Rahul, Kejarival) lost their dreams as they are born with Saturn in Aries, the depleted sign. The gochar Saturn was exalted in Libra couldn't support them. Infact, Saturn is a planet for Politics, therefore with depleted Saturn, it is difficult for them to become popular leader amongst masses.

Retrograde Saturn was unlucky for Kejarival. He lost chair of CM Delhi and now in judicial custody for 14 days for not filing bail bond. Margi Saturn from 21/7/14 will make his life back on track.

Jupiter starts giving results from 27.5 degree of previous sign. 8th Jupiter in Namo's gochar gave him a big lift and from 18th June, gocharJupiter 9th to his birth moon will give him major acts of religion and travel. One may expect Shilanyash of Ram Mandir or Development of Shiva temples of Varanasi and Kedarnath. He will be travelling a lot during his first year in office.

Those born in moon sign Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will have Gaj Keshari Rajyog for a year, promising happy and prosperous life.

Saturn will move to Scorpio in November and Rahu to Virgo in July, keeping them apart, the time of uncovering scams has gone. Life will settle down to its pace with smooth sailing.

Achchhe din aate jayenge..

23 May 2014


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