Sunday, February 22, 2015

Electricity that runs our body

Electricity that runs our body

Many of us may be demanding peace in the evening as energy used by brain demands recharging. Some may opt for food, some for drinks, some for walk, some may change thoughts watching tv or some may do exercise and meditation.

As you know, apart from physical body that is made of 5 elements earth, water, fire, air and sky; the chetana (jeev, driver) is mainly acting through the physical body in electrical form. Due to heavy loads of work or continuous stress, or thoughts of unfulfilled desires, or attacks from external elements, the electrical body gets disturbed. Food, sleep, drinks, yogasana and meditation are some of the options opted by humans for centuries.

Shabasan is one of the assana considered one of the best for relaxing. It is nothing but to lie down like a dead body till the entire body cells get fully relaxed. Relaxation is recharging. Sleep is also one kind of shabasan. But in regular asanas, body sleeps and mind awakes with relaxing mode.

The most important part to learn is to follow relaxing technique to keep mind and body healthy. Otherwise, vital organs get damaged and our visit to doctors and tablets in food increases.

Be careful about internal thoughts and external elements whom you interact during the day including your family members who can disturb the flow of energy if you are driven away by petty issues.

Balance your body electricity, the live current of God. God is bliss (Sat Chit Aanand = Sachchidanand) and it is in built in our system. The main purpose of our life is to find that treasure.

Shubham bhavatu kalyanam.

13 April 2014.


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