Friday, February 13, 2015

Jowar Dana (Shorghum Seeds)

Jowar Dana (Shorghum Seeds)

My father used to tell us.

There was a man. He had four sons. As he was getting older, he thought to conduct test of his sons so that he can choose the right successor.

He called upon all the sons and gave a bag of Jowar Dana to each one of them with a condition to return it after a year.

The first son put the bag in a cupboard so that he can return the same after a year.

The second son threw jowar away, thought that he will buy from the market and return when his father will demand.

The third son made flour out of them and used it as food.

The fourth son gave a thought, why did father gave us this bag of Jowar Dana and demanding it back after a year though he knew that it will perish? He thought to make the best use of them. He kept them as seeds and when the sowing season started, ploughed the farm and sowed them in the farm. And took care of it daily till the crop got ready for harvest.

After a year the farmer called all the sons and demanded Jowar Dana, he had given them a year before.

The first son brought the same bag from the cupboard and return it to the father. Father opened the bag. The Jowar Danas were perished.

The second son went to the market and bought new Jowar Dana and gave them to his father.

The third son said no, as he had eaten them as food when given.

The fourth son hasn't come yet. All were worried, where has he gone? After few hours he returned with many bullock carts full of new Jowar harvested from the farm. These are the jowar multiplied through our farm from the same danas you gave to me Father. Please accept them. He bowed down and gave them to his father.

Father's tears rolled down in happiness. He lifted his son up and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, then looked at other sons and told them, see him, he has not only preserved but multiplied my wealth. He is my real successor.

Our life is also like Jowar Dana given by the Almighty. How are we using it? Like 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th son? 

Not late, till light (spark of the Brahman) is their in our body, we can change the mode of life if wish to become his real heirs.

Shall we be?

13 February 2015


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