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The World will not End

The World will not End

Mayan calendar, Sun storms, atom smashers, Bible, eruption of Yellowstone volcano, physicists calculations, earth’s magnetic poles swapping, etc., many reasons quoted for end of the world

What did Srimad Bhagvat say?

There are four yugs making one Mahayug with Dashavtar for a period of 4.32 million years. Satyug was 17,28, 000 years with Matsya, Kutchhap, Varah, Nrisingh Avatars. Treta was 12,96,000 years with
Vaman, Parsuram, Ram Avatars. Dwapar was 8,64,000 years with Krishnavtar. And present Kaliyug has 4,32,000 years, had Buddhavtar and awaiting the 10th, Kalki Avatar.

4 Yugs put together make 1 Mahayug of
4.32 million years. 1000 Mahayugs make a Kalp, one day of Brahma. Each Kalp has 14 Manvantar, each Manvantar has one Manu, the Manas Putra of God Brahma. Same is the period of dessolution (pralay) during night of Brahma. The Pralaya comes after a Kalpa i.e., after 4.32 billion years when Brahma’s night starts.

2000 Mahayugs make Brahma’s one day and one night. 100 years of one Brahma’s make a Mahakalp. 1000 Mahakalps make one Ghati (24 minutes) of Vishnu. 1000 ghaties of Vishnu make one Nimish (blink) of Shiva. 1000 Shiva nimishes make one Nimish (blink) of Mahamaya. Now imagine the life of Mahamaya the power of God.

Modern geologists and geophysicists accept that the age of the Earth is around 4.54 billion years as determined by radiometric age dating method. That means the pralay is overdue or nearby!

The present Kaliyuga has started at the time of Shri Krishna’s departure. It is said that Shri Krishna has left approximately 3500-5000 years ago. Therefore there are many years to go for the present Kaliyuga.

The Jains divide the whole span of time into two equal cycles, namely, Utsarpini and Avasarpini. 

Every Utsarpini and Avsarpini is divided into six unequal periods known as Aras each extending from twenty-two thousands of years to crores of years. These time-cycles go on forever. Jains believe we are currently in the fifth Ara of the Avsarpini phase, with approximately 19,000 years until the next Ara. After this Ara we will enter the sixth phase, which will last for approximately 21,000 years. After this, the Utsarpini phase will begin, continuing the infinite repetition.

According to Hinduism, the creation and destruction of the universe is a cyclic process, which repeats itself forever. Each cycle starts with the birth and expansion (lifetime) of the universe equaling 311.04 trillion years, followed by its complete annihilation (which also prevails for the same duration). The cycle continues (kal chakra). But time is relative concept from the eye of an observer. Otherwise the Almighty is Deshatit (beyond place/space), Kalatit (beyond time)

The world will not end as it is an infinity play of the Brahman. However whatever born has to die therefore all will vanish and take new form but the creative play of Generator Operator and Destructor (GOD)  will continue till He desires. He is eternal. The Sansaar (World) is eternal. And we are also eternal as part of the Brahman. We are the waves of the Ocean.

Shubham Bhavtu.



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