Monday, February 23, 2015

Two Puppies, the Problem

Two Puppies, the Problem

There was a village, self sustained and active. It had a Water Well for meeting their requirements of drinking water. People were fetch water everyday and the well was getting recharged from the underground aquifers.  

One day two puppies fell down into the well. The water get contaminated and it started stinking. It was the only well for drinking water and as religious community they can't drink contaminated and stinking water. They emptied the well. Next morning the well filled up with water coming from the aquifers, but when they fetched the water, it was stinking. They again emptied the well. Again the well filled up, but the stink was not going away. The villagers were tired of emptying the well many times but not been able to find solution to remove the stink from the water. Their thirst was on pick as many didn't drink water for 3-4 days.  

A Sadhu passing by the village, saw them fetching and throwing away water from the well. He went and inquired. The villagers explained how the water become contaminated and stinking, after two puppies fell down into the well.

Have you removed the puppies? The Sadhu asked. 

No Baba, the puppies bodies are in the well. We have emptied the well many times but the stink is not going away, the villagers replied. 

You are not removing the reason of stink and putting all your efforts on fetching and throwing water from the well. First remove the dead bodies of the puppies and then clean the well so that next morning the fresh water make your well sweet as it was. The villagers followed Sadhu's advice and solved their problem.

Puppies are symbols of our Raga (attachment) and Dvesha (aversion) within. These are the two reasons of our unhappiness. We are trying others means to acquire happiness but not removing the puppies called Raga and Dvesha from our mind.

If they are removed, the well, well of thoughts get purify; then purity and peace of the Soul, eternally exist within will lead us to the knowledge of the Self.  

The human efforts or Tapa are the efforts of removing Raga and Dvesha. The Bliss and Peace exist always.

23 February 2015


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