Sunday, February 22, 2015

Accidents and Astrology

Accidents and Astrology

We monitor accident cases in Gujarat through SMS alert of assigning ambulance through 108 services. Some days, the messages received are of simply over turn of vehicles with some injuries and some days accidents with casualties. I wonder whether the traffic at the time of the accident events are reasons for such accidents or the balance of human mind committing errors are an issue. There are few instances where the mechanical faults are involved. These days we read more news of many fatal accidents all over the world on all three modes of transport; road, water and air.

I just take a look at astrological movement of planets. Movement of planets in moon sign Libra played a major role these days as Saturn, Rahu union and now Mars is in motion in this sign. It was the union of Saturn and Rahu, played major role in putting the ruling in trouble. Now it is the time for union of Mars and Rahu to play a lead role. Saturn and Rahu being friends were multiplying the effect of their union. Mars and Rahu being enemies will cut each others strength. But while doing so gives negative outputs. However aspect of Jupiter over the house controls a lot but as Jupiter is moving towards Cancer, the union of Mars Rahu will act stronger. The country has to face parliament elections these days, I have worries about the law and order during elections and peace at borders, particularly in the north and the west of India. Rajniti is going to be at its pick.

Human inventions have not reached to the level to interpret all the mysteries happening in the Universe. When you are in full silence, you can hear the unheard. Those days scientists, our great Rishis have done research and develop some rule codes with their keen observations and mathematical calculations. The social scientists are doing in modern days. Many branches including medical runs with probability.

I am a keen observer of the events. Always question the things happening around me and searching for the reasons. Astrology is one of the means to find answers.

Just enjoying it as a hobby. It doesn't come in my way of giving the best in public service.

Shubham bhavatu.

12 February 2014


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