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Shiv Linga, worshipping of potent energy, the Cosmic Egg

Shiv Linga, worshipping of potent energy, the Cosmic Egg

Shiv Linga is worshipped on Asian Continent for centuries. The shape of the stone like linga and the base like yoni make some anthropologists to believe it as a worship of human productive organs or phallic, but it is not.  

Shiv Linga with Yoni base is a symbol of the Cosmic Egg, the potent energy of all creation, the Swayambhuv Jyortir Linga (Cosmic Pillar of Fire). 

यथा पिण्डे तथा ब्रह्माण्डे। (Yatha pinde tatha brahmande). From a micro definition of Pinde, the way union of passive and active energies (male-female) generate their world; at Brahmande, the Universe is also expanding with union of Shiva and Shakti.

Shiv Linga is a Pillar (Fire Stumbha) of infinite energy. An interesting story in Linga Puran narrated, how Brahma moved towards upper side and Vishnu moved towards lower side couldn't find His (Shiv Linga) ends. It is a Pillar of endless energy.

The Ring around the Linga is the vacuum energy, the possibility that empty space possesses density and pressure, thus preventing the Linga from collapsing. The ring may be a symbol of dark energy, the cosmological constant, lambdas (the energy of empty space), it is called by Albert Einstein. It is the source of light of the Jyortir linga. It is a great combination of light and dark energy in the Universe. 

The theory of expanding universe of the ashes and smoke of bright but very rapid fireworks; background radiation and dark body of big bang; looking back at denser universe; etc, correlate with Hindu theory of Swauambhu Jyortir Linga and the creation of Universe from the Brahmand (Cosmic Egg).

As Shiv Linga is a pillar of fire (Jyortir Linga/Stambha), Hindus perform symbolic worship of pouring water and milk and offering bell leaves as cooling agents. Water, milk and bell are cooling agents for our stomach too, as it is also a fire place (jatharagni) of the body.

Each object including us has light and a energy ring. The smaller field is of Jiva Linga and the largest field is of Shiva Linga. 

यद् ब्रह्माण्डे तत् पिण्डे।
यथा पिण्डे तथा ब्रह्माण्डे।

Yatha Pinde tatha Brahmande.

25 February 2015


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