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CAC, Coronary Artery Calcium, the best predictor of Heart Disease

CAC, Coronary Artery Calcium, the best predictor of Heart Disease

Are you taking low calcium diet?

Are you not taking Vitamin K2 in your daily food?

The amont of calcium in the blood is critical to functions of heart beat, muscle contraction, vasodilatation and nerve transmission. It is therefore under hormone regulation. Parathyroid gland regulates it.

Vitamin K2 functions as a coenzyme during the activation of proteins involved in blood coagulation, bone formation and keeping blood vessels free of calcium.

Please review your diet.

Because, if the diet is low in calcium, the parathyroid hormone will increase the blood level of calcium by facilitating calcium removal from the skeleton tissues. As a result bones get weaker and leads towards osteoporosis and calcium abstracts from bones run into bloods increases the Coronary Artety Calcium.

Calcification of the arteries is the move towards death due to heart attack. Those who take Vitamin K2 are less likely to develop sever calcification of the arteries, less likely to develop heart disease, less likely to die from it.

Increase intake of K2 may reduce risk of prostate cancer. Pancreas, salivary glands, reproductive organs, brains, cartilage, bones and kidneys would be richer.

Japanese Natto, curd, hard cheese, soft cheese, egg yolk, butter, chicken liver, salami, chicken breast, ground beef, fish eggs, etc are listed as food rich in Vitamin K2.

My CAC score is 100. What is yours? Please check. And without much waiting eat vitamin K2 consciously if crossed the age 40.

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Shubham bhavatu kalyanam.

5 May 2014

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