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Honey & Cinnamon are great medicine for the problems of cold-cough-flu, cholesterol-obesity-heart disease-tumor control, stomach-gas-digestion problems, infertility-uterus cure, skin diseases, etc.

As per Ayurveda this medicine is DIPAN (stimulator). Honey is cold and Cinnamon is hot in nature, balancing the medicine. There are eight types of honey (makshik, bhramer, kshodra, pautik, chatra, aardya, aaudalak and dal). Each one has role for particular disease. But in modern age if one gets genuine honey, it will be OK.

Similarly, there are mainly two varieties of cinnamon (large, thin). Thin cinnamon is better. Cinnamon increases hotness(pitta) and reduces sperms. Therefore males with pitta dosh should not take it for a long time.

Honey's role for obesity is very strong. It is written that if Ganeshji takes it regularly (4 table spoons a day every morning), he will become skeleton. It cleans the veins. Cold-cough-upper respiratory infections run away very fast if honey is being given with tulsi and ardusi.

As Honey changes it's characteristics, using hot water is not advised in ayurveda. Gandhiji used to commit this mistake. He used to take low calories diet and honey regularly to maintain his body small and flexible.

Try it and report for information please.


14 March 2009


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