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My August Kranti

My August Kranti

On August 6, 2014, I have completed 35 years association with Sachivalaya, Government of Gujarat. I joined it on this day in 1979 at 19 years age. They were good old days, studying and serving and passing exams through reading in bus (A'bad-Gnr) and under street light in nights. Great memories of August '79 to August '85. August Kranti. All happy years.

Don't be surprised. I have started independent thinking in childhood from the first day when I entered primary school at 5 (1965). I was active witness of events of communal riots in Ahmedabad in 1969. At 11 (1971), I was running a Bachat Mandal. I used to take round in nights to keep lights off in Indo-Pak war of 1971 to save people from bombarding. I participated in election campaign for MP Ahmedabad elections in 1971 and was polling agent in one booth (no age bar those days!). Later I was a keen listener of speeches of Shri Purushottam Ganesh Mavlankar who won parliament election as independent candidate. I was one of the participants in group meetings in 1975 discussing urban housing in slums of Ahmedabad with the then Labour Minister Late Navinchandra Barot.

I had many opportunities to interact with many famous personalities of public life; spiritual leaders, social leaders, academicians and politicians. It was not a life of "Khana Pina aur Sona". I have enjoyed the life with greater varieties, mostly with the thirst of knowledge.

It was August Kranti of my life.


Yours truly,

9 August 2014.


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