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Why Hindus worship 33 crore Gods and Goddesses

Why Hindus worship 33 Crore Gods and Goddesses?

Hindus are famous for worshipping many Gods and Goddesses, the number goes up to 33 crore. The believers of One God many times look at the worship with curiosity and many have disagreements.

Many interpret it as number of human population those days. The Cow have been worshipped as living place of 33 crore deities, etc.

But the philosophy is aiming it differently. Hinduism believes the theory of God (Mahadev) and its power (Shakti).

Just look at an individual human being.  He/she is, and his/her power. Power of five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch), power of mind, physical ability, etc. Each one is special with special skills of various fields. Look at number of subjects, skills, games, activities developed around. And when we add the skills and powers of animals, birds, insects, plants, mountains, rivers, oceans, wind, Sun, Moon, planets, Stars, etc, all put together look infinite power.

The Universes are live with the Energy or Life or God called Brahman. It is a probability area of all kind. The "Kalp Vriksha". What ever one imagines, it has potential to happen. For example, whatever in imaginations narrated in our ancient literature, we see them happening today. And whatever we imagine today will happen tomorrow. It has infinite capacity beyond 33 crore. 33 crore is a symbolic number of infinite power of the Almighty GOD.

The way one goes to school for literacy, to a college for specialised knowledge, to a gymnasium for improving physical strength, to a coaching centre for improving skills, etc, similarly to gain God's power of particular field, Hindus worship God and Goddess for acquiring the power and characteristics (satva, rajas, tamas) identified with those deities. The powers of One God (the Brahman) but his infinite powers of infinite subjects can be gained through systematic worship of that energy field (like branch of study).

There are many skills and subjects but an individual can choose one or two limited to his/her capacity, similarly in a limited life span, he/she can worship the energy which he/she desires or in need.

Surprisingly, each human has a capacity to acquire one or many power fields of the God; i.e., Ashta Siddhi, Nav Nidhi. Normal Hanuman became Giant Power when Jambuvant reminded him about his original strength. Each one of us is like "Raw Hanuman" and has potential to rise to the level one desires and acts. Act doesn't means merely education, degree etc, but establishment of unity with the Universal Power, the GOD, the Self, the Brahman.

It is therefore Hindus are worshipping many Gods and Goddesses as powers of the Almighty the GOD, the Self, the Brahman.

The way electricity coming through bulb gives light and if touched directly gives current, each energy has good or bad effects. Therefore, rituals are taking place. There are mantras to make the harmful energy dormant. Worshipping spirit or worshipping graveyards or cremation places of saints are practiced in many religions.

Kings in position to help or harm were also worshipped as Devas in ancient time. The offerings to powerful people converted into to modern days corruption is a result of a human nature of worshipping.

The way a Country need a Flag to salute and pay respect to the Nation, Hindus need idols as the medium to worship the GOD (Shiva) and his powers (Shakti).

Everything is possible here. It's an infinite Ocean of Brahman with all probabilities and possibilities.

Some who know, do it with knowledge. And many don't know, just follow...
महाजनो येन गतः स पन्थाः I

30 January 2015


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