Thursday, February 26, 2015

File is not Life

File is not Life

What a coincidence? Just a replacement of F with L and Life changed to File. In the name of atticats, many of us have changed our life style and living abnormal life. 

What a life it was before joining the service! Life of masti, dosti and freedom. Freedom of all (speaking, eating, moving, etc). But one day, suddenly, UPSC result made us Sahab and we entered into the power kingdom (khul gaya sim sim).

Though powerless under the political bosses we became powerful for the weak subordinates. And to show our powerful status to the world, we have changed our life style. 

The space is more around but we have been secluded and prefer to live in corners; the corner of a house, the corner of a car and the corner of a chamber. From openness, we moved into walled and dark area where we are seen only under artificial lights and artificial chilled air. 

Our eyes are so stiff that they can't look at the people around. We miss seeing lights of God in other eyes. And if some one look at us eye to eye, our eyes change colours and mind lose temper. And our hands are so weak that we always need a peon to carry our papers or paper bag. Opening the door of the official car goes against our status, therefore a driver has to come from the opposite direction to open the door so that we can push our body inside. 

As we are the brain behind most of the policies and programmes of the Government, therefore majority of our time passes in File work. Signing Files and talking Files. File become our Life. Some of us are so much lover of the files that we carry the files at home. Love to files takes away Love Time of the family. 

And when we retire, we search for that freedom of life again in the world. But it become too late. Children are away in their world and few loyal subordinates attend our calls. And colleagues when meet, remember our nothings on Files. And on whom we presented stiffness of our eyes and roughness of our nature, we can't see them eye to eye.

Our Life lost in File.

Many of us will say, "I am not".

"The Question is that File is our Life", As many as are of that opinion say Aye; of the contrary, say No. Hope the "Noes" have it! 

26 February 2015


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