Thursday, February 5, 2015

Prayer and Grace of God are the Best means to attain Salvation-Moksha-Nirvana-Kaivalya

"Prayer and Grace of God are the Best means to attain Salvation-Moksha-Nirvana-Kaivalya"

When reincarnation stops and Atma achieves Nirvana? This Sansara (World) is a creative play of infinity of the Creator and it is eternal. But for an individual Jeeva, 'Prayer' and 'Bhagvad Kripa' are the best means to attain salvation.

To attain that stage there are paths of Sadhana. Christians do Prayer, Muslims do Namaaj (Prayer), Buddhists do meditation, Jains do Tapa and Hindus do karma, gyan and bhakti, the product mix of all.

There are major three paths explained in Hinduism. Karma Marg, Gyan Marg and Bhakti Marg.

Whatever act an individual performs with desires and attachment, it adds into the balance of his/her account. The accounts are kept by "Chitragupta", the internal account keeper living within. The Karmas are divided into three parts. Sanchit Karmas, Prabddh Karmas and Kriyaman Karmas. The Sachit is the total account of Karmas of the all the lives of the Jeeva. The Prabddh is the karma that resulted in the present life. And Kriyaman are the Karma that the Jeeva is doing in present life, get added in the Sanchit Karma account.

Kriyaman karmas will not attached to the Jeeva if done with nishkam (without desire). Prabddh Karma will end with the end of present life. And Sanchit Karma will end with Knowledge of the Self through Bhagvad Kripa / Guru Kripa. Once the account gets zero, there is no reason for reincarnation of that Jeeva. The causal body (bindu) merges in the Brahman (Sindhu).

Nishkam Karma is the path to be followed in "Karma Yoga" to remain detached with Kriyaman karmas. But for getting free from Sanchit Karmas, the knowledge of the Self is necessary. To attain that knowledge, Bhagvad and Guru Kripa are necessary. And for that Bhakti (Prayer) is necessary.

The Jeeva is like a vibrating mirror covered with dust and a curtain. To see the picture of the Self, the mirror needs to be stabilized from the vibration by nishkam karmas. To remove the dust, Bhakti is must for purity of heart (making the mirror Normal). The pure heart does Chintan, Manan and Nididhyasan better. Chintan is thinking on one thought, in present case the Almighty. Manan is a continuous Chintan on that thought, trying to understand the correct meaning. And Nididhyasan is to put that thought/ knowledge in practice. Continuous Chintan, continuous Manan and continuous Nididhyasan. And once the platform is ready, Bhagvad Kripa / Guru Kripa is there to unveil the curtain of ignorance of the Self in less than a neno second. Just clap and enjoy the bliss and have a cup of tea!

Bhuddha, Mahavir and Jesus followed the path of non-violence and attained Nirvana. Prophet Muhammad had to fight wars still heard the voice of the Almighty Allah. The last supper of Jesus was wine and fish, and Ram Krishna Param Hansa ate fish still they attained Nirvana. Rama killed many Asuras and Krishna used shoulders of Pandavas to fire gun over Kauravas, still they are worshipped as Avatars. Therefore, there is no SINGLE MEAN to attain Nirvana, the merger with the Universal Soul, the Brahman. There may be infinite ways.

The best is the prayer coming out of the heart with 'bhava' (love). No name required, no mantra or words required. It is not an examination to test spelling mistakes, it is an examination of thirst, purity of heart and keenness of merger. No duality but only one pray of Moksha, Salvation. दुविधा में दोनो गये;ना माया मिलि, ना राम।

Prayer and Bhagvad Kripa (Grace of God) are the Best means to attain salvation, the Moksha, the Nirvan, the Kaivalya.

5 February 2015


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