Sunday, February 22, 2015

Right Food that suits to DNA

Right Food that suits to DNA

Our physical body is made of a chain of DNA code derived from our ancestors. Each body has been coded for different physical and mental work and accordingly their food habits are also developed. The caste/class system and their food habits support the argument.

The new world with many options and opportunities and with mobility has created a new class of people different from the traditional caste/class system. The food habits and work profiles are changing. As a result there is a clash between the demand of the body (as per DNA) and the food intake.

God has made our body a complex machine. The dates of it manufacturing and expiry have been fixed. If one repairs one part, another gets damaged. For example, more health conscious people eat oil free boiled vegetables and end up into vitamins deficiencies as very essential Vitamin A, D, E and K, are oil soluble. The body starts facing other health hazards.

The best food for each individual is the food of their ancestors. It has been tried and tested for centuries. Those trying new food are surely facing more health problems as the balance gets off.

Balance food is an important question, each individual to answer separately. Therefore, in the new world of health consciousness, very wide scope has opened up for the profession of dieticians.

What is your choice?

To follow the food of the ancestors or to become a change agent of DNA code, taking a risk of health but opening new horizon for heirs to come. Be careful. Many of our health answers are in the food of our ancestors.

जैसा अन्न वैसा मन ।

6 May 2014

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