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जैसी सौबत, वैसी असर। Not Caste but Company Matters

जैसी सौबत, वैसी असर। Not Caste but Company Matters

My parents were very conscious about building our "sanskara". Mother used to take extra care for our friendship with others. And if she didn't like, first try to stop us and if failed, start scolding the friend so that he breaks the friendship from his side.

Father used to tell us a story of a couple, Lakho Vanzaro and Rudi Vanzaran.

Lakho Vanzaro (Banzara) was a Sardar (leader) of his kabila (group of people) and was one of the the most respected persons in the community. Rudi Vanzaran (Banzaran) being a wife of Lakha was also enjoying the respect of the community. Being partner of a lead family, they used to dialogue on various social issues and many a time had differences of opinion.

One day a rustic looking shepherd passed through their house with cattle. He was full of dirt, wearing dirty tattered cloths, walking and enjoying company of animals and didn't bother about the world.

Lakho looked at him and told Rudi, look at the Shepherd, he looks so dirty, uncultured and become animal by nature. It is the fault of his caste. जात ना फेर।

No Lakha, it is not the outcome of his caste but the output of the company in which he lives in. जात ना फेर नहीं, पण संगना रंग।

Lakho and Rudi fought on the issue bitterly and Lakho in anger told Rudi, go and live with him and prove your argument, that जात ना फेर नहीं, पण संगना रंग।

Rudi being a 'Pativrata Naari' shocked with the order. With lot of requests when Lakho didn't agree to withdraw his command, she left home and went with the Shepherd.

Vanzaras are nomadic community. After some years, Lakho with his poths and Kabila while moving from one place to other, one day came to a village named Gokuldham. The village with basic facilities was looking beautiful and people were courteous. All were looking happy. Lakho with curiosity desired to meet the Mukhiya (Leader) of the village as he had never seen such village in past. The meeting was organized at the residence of the Mukhiya. Lakho was welcomed by the Mukhiya. With his dress, cleanliness, gestures, Lakho was impressed and looked more closely, feeling that he has seen this man in past. While he was thinking, the lady from the house of the Mukhiya brought water and tea for the guests. Lakho looked at her and was stunned. Rudi......

Rudi looked at Lakha and felt sorry. She narrated the whole story of making of that man from Shepherd to a Mukhiya of a cultured village. She told Lakha that it was not easy for a woman to go to another male but she was helpless because he forced her to do so. But to respect the command of Lakha, she made a cultured Mukhiya from a rustic Shepherd. She told that she is not living a life of his wife. When she went with the Shepherd, she put a condition of celibacy and to live like friends. That was agreed upon. The Mukhiya confirmed the story.

And Lakho accepted her Rudi back in his life with full respect.

At home, Rudi asked him, what is right Lakha? जात ना फेर के संगना रंग ?

Lakho replied संगना रंग Rudi, संगना रंग.

जैसी सौबत, वैसी असर।

Don't argue saying,
चंदन विष व्यापत नहीं, लिपटे रहत भुजंग। That is a company of non influential objects.

11 February 2015


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