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Gujarat, a win win Model

Gujarat, a win win Model

India as a Nation moving from its Agro Estates base Rural Model of development to Industrial & Service Estates base Urban Model of development.

Demands of population gone up beyond food, shelters and water. They also need more facilities on health, education, electricity, transport, communication, amusement and modern life of material world.

The inventions and discoveries in Science and technology with an increase in purchase power with better per capita income making the nation a very big market of goods and services. It has not only increased the comforts of the people but also multiplied economic activities that generated jobs, income and purchasing power of the masses.

Gujarat, developed by people of Gujarat and respected bureaucracy of past years have performed very well with their limited financial resources gave the State, 200 plus dams with water storage capacity of 20000 mcm; 200+ GIDCs for industrial growth; road, transport and electricity connectivity to most villages; individual and group water works schemes, health network of Sub centres, PHCs, CHCs and hospitals; education network of anganwadis, primary schools, high schools and colleges; social justice schemes of scholarships and financial aid etc.

With visionary, long, stable and active leadership of Shri Narendra Modi; decisive government, more active bureaucracy performed as 'Team Gujarat'; good monsoon years; economic liberation policies; growth of industries, services and agriculture; remarkable increase in financial resources of the State, investments; rise in price of lands; separate feeders ensuring 24×7 electricity to villages, expansion of health and education services; keeping the wheels moving with acceleration through vibtant summits, school enrolment drives, krishimahotsav and Garib Kalyan Melas. E-governance, M-governance and road map of Digital Gujarat made the government services faster and easier, delivered at their doorsteps or nearby. Computerisation, Edhara, Egram, Jan Seva and ATVT centres changed the quality and speed of services. It has made the population techno friendly and advanced in using computers, Internet and mobiles in whole of the State.

Narmada dam, its 5000+ mcm water, its canals, branch canals and drinking water pipe line grid of 1.2 +lakh kms made the State safe from scarcity and have improved the income, health and quality of life of the people.

And the most important, the Gujarati (peaceful growth) culture of Gujarat made it the best.

We used to hear the word "scarcity" the most in past. Scarcity of resources, scarcity of water, scarcity of electricity, scarcity of facilities, etc. Now it is a state of "availability". Availability of: water, roads, transport, electricity, employment, and world class goods and services

All living here on 7/10/2001, can see substantial change in their income, wealth and quality of life today in 2014.

Nature, Shri Modi, stability of govt and bureaucracy, technology, economy, efforts of all went positive. A win win time for all, registered as "Golden Age of Gujarat" in history of Gujarat.

Gujarat Model, "a win win model" of success of its all the stakeholders.

Salute to all.

16 May 2014

1. Officers have been given beautiful offices with AC chambers and latest vehicles to deliver their best. Office buildings and facilities have been improved substantially. And no notice to chase the officer for using AC in chamber or car like the chase in past time of scarcity!!! The mind set of bureaucracy has also been changed.

2. Shri Narendra Modi has born in Anuradha Nakshatra. The nakshatra of wealth and prosperity.


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