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Navel Chairs, the energy wheel of the Body

Navel Chakra, the energy wheel of the body

Navel Chakra (Manipur Chakra), the core centre and store house of energy is the energy wheel in the body. Our first moment of present life begins with this centre (shelf valve). It stokes the fire that moves prana (life force) through in the body.

As it is the core centre, it is a treatment point for giving energy to our vital organs.

The power of medicine or treatment through this centre multiplies 4 times compare to oral intake.

If you are loosing lubricants in your joints, take a castor seed uncovered, put in the navel centre and paste a micro tap to hold it. Keep it for 12 hrs from morning to evening. The oil in castor seed will be shucked by the body to lubricate the joints. (Surprised? Do it and confirm)

Thin people can treat the centre with applying cow ghee. It will improve the weight and brain power too.

The Baiga tribe in MP treats tumour through this centre by applying Calotropis (Madar in Hindi, Aakdo in Gujarati) milk.

To check the centre in position, one has to check the bits of veins. If it is in the centre, your digestion system is okay. If you have problem of constipation, the centre bit is located upward. If you have problem of loose motion or more frequencies, bits location is downward. Down position of navel centre bits is one of the reasons for miscarriages of a pregnant woman. Find some one, a traditional centre setter from a village and fix it. Modern Spa won't fix it but a traditional massager can do it.

If you wish to develop broadness of mind and generosity, meditate on this centre.

The centre is a Sea of Energy; abstract as much as you can.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

23 February 2014


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