Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mera Bharat Mahan

Mahan Bharat survived for more than 5000 years with its Aggro Estate Model.
The Industrial Estate Model will ruin it in 500 years.
65% of our population still lives in villages. The aggro and agro based activities are still the major occupations of their life.

But the pulling effect of Machine India needs to be controlled. It is dragging away the agricultural manpower to the unnecessary (from the point of view of human health and life) activities. The youths do attract to the cities for jobs, money and life which teach them enjoyment without restraints.

Machine India has established Industrial Estates for mass production. It has pulled away 30% of Mahan Bharat population to the cities for labour work and to consumed its goods and services.

As the producers are less in numbers but the production is huge in quantity, they are in search of markets. They are approaching the villages with the help of roads, transports, electricity, TV and mobiles.
In fact, the Machine India is dependent on Mahan Bharat for foods, vegetables and milk.

It doesn't shout if the prices of land, buildings, shares, gold, silver, junk food, cinema tickets, appliances, cosmetics, fashion, fabrics, fertilizers, pesticides, medicines, fees of professionals, etc., go up. But it does shout if the prices of cereals, vegetables and milk go up.

Dairy may be one of the reasons of malnutrition. The milk produced by Mahan Bharat is being consumed by the Machine India. The children and women of Mahan Bharat do not get milk, butter milk and ghee to improve their health para metres. Milk has been converted into houses, bikes, TVs, electrical appliances, cell phones, bills payments on cell-electricity-doctors-medicines, etc. But it has not converted into the cells and hemoglobin of the children and women of the Mahan Bharat.
Due to continuous brain washing with the advertisements and showing bright life of cities/towns; village people started preferring physical comforts life to industrious life. They are non-productive in villages once the agriculture season is over. The crafts are dying for want of buyers. Machines have taken away their work.There is continuous migration to the cities and industrial estate areas for want of jobs.  As a result there is an acute shortage of farm labourers. Agriculture is now getting mechanized. Bullocks are invisible. One day buffaloes and cows will also be invisible.

If the trend continues, people will have machines but no food. They may drink coup of tea made of chemical milk. They may eat food tablets instead of the testiest Gharka Khana. They will spoil their health with bad food habits, wrong living styles, and pollutions. They will spend more money on doctors, medicines and hospitals. The lives with quarrels push them to the advocates and arbitrators to exploit.

Let us work, work together to balance both the Agro Estate and the Industrial Estate Models to make our mother land Mera Bharat Mahan.

29 June 2010


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