Sunday, February 22, 2015

Parliament Elections (2014) Results, a look

Parliament Elections (2014) Results, a look

53,53,66,465 voters of India voted in Parliamentary Elections 2014, placed BJP in power.

BJP with 31% vote share (17.16 crore votes) captured 282 (51.9%) seats. Congress with 19% vote share (10.69 crore votes) captured 44 (8%) seats only.

39% first time voters voted for BJP and Congress received only 19% from them.

AIDMK with 3.3% vote share (1.81 crore) won 37 (7%) seats but DMK with 1.7% vote share (0.96 crore) lost all seats.

TMC with 3.8% vote share (2.13 crore) won 34 (6%) seats, but CPM with 3.2% vote share (1.80 crore) saved only 9 seats.

BJD with 1.7% vote share (0.95 crore) won 20 (3.6%) seats, SS with 1.9% vote share (1.3 crore) won 18 (3.3%) seats and TDP with 2.5% vote share (1.41 crore) won 16 (2.9%) seats.

SP with 3.4% vote share (1.87 crore) won only 5 seats and lost 18 seats in multi party competition.

BSP with 4.1% vote share (2.29 crore) lost all seats. Their loss of 2.1% vote moved them totally out. Lucky was LJP of Paswan, won 6 seats with only 0.4% vote share (22.96 lakh).

RJD (Lalu) with 1.3 % vote share (74.42 lakh) won 4 seats and JDU (Nitish) with 1.1% vote share (59.92 lakh) won only 2 seats.

With increase in vote share by 12.2%, BJP gained 166 more seats. With decrease in vote share by 9.3% Congress lost 162 seats.

SP and RJD without loss of much votes lost seats, BSP though secure more votes than SP lost all seats. Mahadalits went from Mayawati made her party zero and Mahadalits remained with Nitish pushed him out of power.

The swing of 2-10 % votes changes the power in centre. Therefore, those who win can't have permanent surity of power as the swing voters can pull them down in next election.

Campaign cost and booth level management cost will further go up in next election in 2019. The parties will be in need of more party funds. Hope the SC will make this field transparent.

Now all Management University should open a new management branch, "Voting Management". Because it brings power.

22 May 2014

NB: NOTA 60,00,197


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