Monday, February 16, 2015

Sadhu's Langot (loin cloth)

Sadhu's Langot (loin cloth)

Sanakadi four Rishis accepted the curse of their father Brahma but didn't obey his command to enter into Sansara.

But there was a Nude Sadhu, Atma Gyani, Param Dhyani, Blissful, very happily living under a tree. Few people knowing about the Sadhu used to come occasionally for his darshana. Slowly more and more people including women started coming to the place. For maintaining decorum, some people requested the Sadhu to wear Langot (loin cloth) at least when the women come for Darshana. He was happy in his masti in nudity, but when repeatedly insisted by the people, he finally agreed to wear a langot when the women come for darshana. 

But the Langot brought him a problem. A mouse living in a hole near the tree chew his langot frequently. He was tired of that mouse. It has disturbed his meditation. As advised by the people, he kept a Cat to control the mouse. But the Cat needs milk for survival. So he allowed a Cow. But the Cow needs a person for feeding and milching. For that he allowed a woman to live nearby. For her, a cottage was built. After people go, the Sadhu and the woman come in contact many times for issues related to cow, cat, water, etc. Occasionally, she used to help the Sadhu in his work of cooking, washing, sweeping. The Sadhu had to watch that woman working around, more frequently. Now she started coming into his meditation. As usual, the natural attractions between them, resulted into love, intimacy, and sex. The lady became pregnant and the Sadhu had to marry her. They had 5 children. Now Sadhu's entire time was occupied in the affairs of children, wife, animals, and their necessities. His fakiri masti went away. He was unable to meditate and has lost his inner peace. He was drown very deep into the Sansara.  

One day, his Guru came to that area. The Sadhu welcomed the Guru. But when the Guru came to know about Chela's Sansara, he fired him. The Sadhu explained his journey in the Sansara started from the Langot. Finally, as advised by the Guru, he left the Langot, his Sansara and walked away with the Guru to get back the Peace and the Bliss. 

While walking with the Guru, he went through the flashback of his life under that tree. He regretted the entry of Langot. The whole Sansara started with langot and further desires. He was very happy without the Langot (Sansara). लंगोट नहीं होती तो, संसार नहीं होता।

Many people, rich and powerful, but not coming out of their greed and expanding the size of their Langots/desires/demands, though passing through the miseries in worldly life. Otherwise, the need to live a Happy Life is very small.

Alas, we wake up!

16 February 2015

NB: Don't substitute the word Langot with the Spouse!!!

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