Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why sweet dish after meal?

Why sweet dish after meal?

Sweet dish after the meal has been considered a western idea. But we Indians are also not different from them. Each of our meal has sweets in different forms, i. e. laddu, halva, khir, sondesh, rabadee, jalebi...etc. Poor people use jeggary to fulfill the needs. Gujaratis are famous for adding sugar or jeggary in cooked vegetables, dal and kari.

Have you felt confused state of mind or drowsiness or feeling sleepy after the meal?

There is a scientific reason. When we eat meal, the pancreas releases insulin. The sudden release of insulin create sudden fall of sugar in the blood. As sugar is a food for the brain, brain starves. Therefore its functions get disturbed. Sweet dish meets that emergency requirement of brain.

If you wish to take decision with poor consultation and without objections from a group, serve them food without sweet dish and consult them after the meal !!!!!

22 April 2014


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