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Y factor, a major reason for population explosion in Asia

Y factor, a major reason for population explosion in Asia

One of the major reasons of population explosion in India and Asia is our desire for a male child. Due to patrilineal society, the male remains a stationary partner while the female moves from parents place to husband's house. Therefore, the family wish to retain the wealth and name by the male child.

It is a male dominated society for centuries. Male is the owner and female is a property-object of male. Female has been considered as earth on which male plants/charge the new baby. Due to dowry and heir ship issues, female child is not welcomed in many families even today though literacy rate of the society is going up. Religion also played an important role by authorising male child to perform rituals etc, after the death of the parents.

Girl children who have more chances of survival are less against the boy children, when we read figures of sex ratio. 

But why?

Y factor is the answer. 

The Y chromosome is paternally inherited; human males have one while females have none. What is more, the Y chromosome a father passes to his son is, in large measure, an unchanged copy of his own. ( "the generations of Adam": Adam begat Seth, Seth begat Enosh, Enosh begat Kenan... down to Noah of the flood. The account could read "Adam passed a copy of his Y chromosome to Seth, Seth passed a copy of his Y chromosome to Enosh, Enosh passed a copy of his Y chromosome to Kenan"... and so on until Noah was born carrying a copy of Adam's Y chromosome. )

It is a game of 23rd pair of chromosome as other 22 are auto somes.

All eggs contain an X chromosome while sperm are of two types: those containing an X chromosome and those containing a Y. A Y sperm fertilizing the X egg produces an XY zygote which develops as male; fertilization by an X sperm gives rise to a female XX zygote. Since every male must possess a Y chromosome which can be inherited only from his father, a man's Y chromosome represents a unique record of his paternal inheritance. Once a particular line dies out, it never reappears. 

Many medical researchers believe that Y chromosome sperm are faster swimmers, but the X chromosome sperm have more endurance. To increase the probability of a male child, the husband has to ensure that the sperms are released as close to the egg so that the Y chromosome sperm can reach the egg first before getting "worn out."

Psychological factor of a mental acceptance of a husband by a wife is important otherwise, the "Y" may not be accepted at all.

DNA (the book of life) code has also a role to play. Many a time, it is found that some family trees deliver more male children and some deliver more female children.

Constitution of India has given equal right to both. Both are human and have enormous capacity to rise. It is the culture which has been developed over centuries make differences between male and female child, otherwise without female, no male can be born. She is the "Mother", the "Mohini Avtaar" of Lord Vishnu, the reason for "Samsaar", "Maha Shakti" and strength of all. She holds all, therefore "earth" has been identified as "Mother".

The chromosome X has all legs in balance but the Y has one missing! Therefore, when a man loses balance, he has to take shelter in woman's lap!

My Gujarati teacher Shri Bhavsar in High School used to say, "Baa" (mother) means full and "Baapa" (father) means 1/4 of "Baa" (pa means 1/4 in Gujarati, the same we say 'pav' in Hindi)!!!

There is phrase in Gujarati, "Maa te Maa, bija badha vagadana vaa" (Only mother matters, others are like winds, come and go)

30 December 2014


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