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Garden fresh Garlic, a Brain Tonic of

Garden fresh Garlic, a Brain Tonic of Winter

It's winter, a season for building annual storage of strength in human body. After the end of weak digestion months of monsoon, the Vaishbanaro Bhutva, Jatharagni is on top gear in winter. All houses make "rasayanas" that keep each individual of their family fit for the year.

Surprisingly, the best nerve tonic "garlic", discarded by some religious sects, has the best capacity to feel you with energy of life. Ayurveda identified it as a drop of nectar fell from the "amrit kumbh" carried away by Rahu.

Traditionally, in country side of Gujarat, in all communities, particularly adults eat 'churmu' made of garden fresh green garlic, ghee (ras bas) and Bajara rotala, early in the morning, nihar munh, at least for 15 days.

Ayurveda prohibits jeggary to eat with garlic. It is called opposite food. Therefore, don't add jeggary to add taste.

Ghee in the morning is also one of the best tonic. Don't worry, it will not add bad cholesterol, instead will add longevity. 

Hurry up, complete the course of 'garlic churmu' for 15 days before winter ends.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

27 December 2014


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