Saturday, January 10, 2015

Where is our Heart?

Where is our Heart?

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart". - Helen Kellar

Our 'pran' (life) lives in our Heart. Hindustan ka Dil Delhi and our's is our Heart pump? Lovera-loveria exchange heart signs when connect their hearts. People express their emotions, love, romance, passion, mercy, etc through heart. Gujarati bhajans sing.... mara Ram Rudiya ni mahya rei.. Spiritual Disciples greet Guru brothers touching hand to the location of physical heart, a symbol of connectivity. 

Is our Heart in the heart pump? When heart surgeon removes it for repairs, where the 'pran' (life) goes?

Our physical shape developed from the Naval centre from union of chromosomes and multiplication of cells. A journey from a centre full of existence. All organs developed from this centre. Heart beats develop after.....

Our real heart is not our Heart pump. Because the pump is pumping till it's terminal switch board Brain is in order. It is true that the heart pump is getting immediate reflections of the events (happy, unhappy) happening to us. The bits become slow, faster or unstable. But this is the result of the reaction of our Heart. 

If heart pump is not our Heart then where is our Heart?

We are a live wire of God energy. The centre of existence. If we forget the physical body for a while, the "jyotirlinga (light house)" can be experienced instantly. Our heart rests in our Jyotirlinga. It is a centre of our "Consciousness" that carry all virtues of heart. Perfection of wisdom comes from the heart.

It is expansive and extensive. The whole of Universe can be found inside the heart. It is true representative of the ultimate Reality. All our experiences are internal and not external.

Our desires are in our Heart. This heart neither get old nor destroyed when the body is destroyed. It gets contaminated with association with the externals, exploding our desires. But in its purest form, deeper and inward into our own self, it has a capacity to fulfill all our desires if filled with 'Truth' (satyakamas). 

If two hearts connect in their purity, they beat the same. Then no need of mobile to talk or no need to remember the name. The two become one, feel each other from any distance of the world or beyond the world. Feelings are passing between both. Or in all if a Guru United with his disciples in a relationship of "pure love".

Dil mil gaya to sab mil gaya.

Khojoge Aapka Dil? AAP is searching in Delhi..LoL.

10 January 2015


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