Friday, January 9, 2015

Pravasi Bharati MK Gandhi

Pravasi Bharati MK Gandhi

9th January 1915, 100 years ago Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi returned to India from South Africa, landed at Port Apolo, Mumbai at 7.30 AM.

After 21 years (1893-1914) of stay in South Africa, a Public Barrister landed to his mother land and changed the mode of freedom struggle from a movement of elite to a movement of masses. Not only political freedom but he addressed the social and economic freedom too. He placed "Khadi Sena" against "Khaki Army". He focused more on the weaknesses of Indian society and tried to transform them through living a simple life as his message. He advised the mankind on all issues of humanity and equality.

Did we walk on the path, he advised us? A time has come for introspection. A run for GDP and growth is leaving the Gandhi behind, increasing economic disparities. Our march past for lights and colours are leaving peace and happiness of Gandhi behind. India has still to do much making the barber equal to doctor and a sweeper to feel equal in the society. The dignity of labour yet to achieve. 

A century has passed, Gandhi and his values still relevant and will remain relevant forever. After Gautam Buddha, he was our "Yug Purush". Gandhi Vichar will light us as light house for centuries.

Satyamev Jayate. Truth is God. Let Truth wins.

9 January 2015


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