Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I am the projector of my world

I am the projector of my world.

There are approximately 7 billion people on earth. How many of them do you know personally? Whom we know, we have images of them in our mind. Parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, friends, enemies, wife, children, peers, seniors, juniors, caste group, religion group, state group, country group, visitors, traders, customers, some known through movies, media, etc. We have developed their images in our mind depending upon the experiences we had with that person-community through direct indirect interactions or information. Same about other creatures, places and about Nature, etc. And that is our world. Rest is unseen, only visualize through other means or through imaginations.

The image comes on our mind screen when we see or hear about that individual or object. And we are the director of our film. We see what we desired-wished-presumed to see in that person or object and accordingly we express our relationship, behaviour, or opinion about that person or object. And accordingly, we have developed our likes and dislikes.

"The Deity asked the disciple: Sir, He that is perceived in the water, and He that is seen in the mirror which of these is That?
He said: He himself indeed is seen in all these."

We see our mind and thoughts in the world and carry good or bad images. Otherwise the world is nothing but "you", the Self, the Brahman, the God itself. We are living in Brahman.

I am the screen. I am the film. I am the projector. I am the director. I am the spectator. If I simply change my film, I see the world of reality. 

 ’सर्वं खल्विदं ब्रह्म’ (sarvam khalvidam brahma’) ‘All this is indeed Brahman’. (Chhandogya Upnishad 3.14)

13 January 2015


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