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Shatam Jiv: Sharad: Kantkari (Kateri), a miraculous drug

Shatam Jiv: Sharad: Kantkari (Kateri), a miraculous drug

'Kantkari', called 'Bhoringani' (a small brijal type fruit carrying plant spread over earth in plenty everywhere) in Gujarat is one of the best ayurveda medicines to cure bronchitis, upper respiratory and lungs problems.

Take a teaspoon full powder of Kantkari with a cup of water and  boil it till half the water is burnt. Start the day with drinking this 'kadha' for 15 days to cure cough, pneumonic, bronchial problems. Those have chronic problems can drink for a longer period.

It was a miracle happened in October 1996. My mother,  a patient of chronic bronchitis had severe lungs infection and was admitted in Civil Hospital Ahmedabad. After two days of treatment, suddenly she had convulsions at 4am early in the morning. My nephew Suresh was in the hospital and I was at home in Ahmedabad. Understanding the seriousness of the problem I rushed to Dr. Gautam Bhagat's house at Paladi, picked him up and went to the hospital. Meanwhile I called Dr. Tejas Patel too. When we reached hospital my mother took her last breath. She died. Dr. Tejas told me that lungs failure was the primary cause of her death. Both Doctors putting their hands overmy shoulder started giving me consolations. But I was not ready to accept the departure. I asked Dr. Bhagat to check again. I said if lungs are reasons, can't we try and support her with ventilator? Dr. Bhagat checked and looking to the warmth in the body agreed to try. Blood was taken from artery of right leg to check the status of brain. Dr. Prafulla came rushing with ventilator. Team of young intern doctors started suction of cough and injecting antibiotics in lungs through ventilator pipe. The war of winning over death strated. The machine was breathing in and breathing out. There was no response from my mother. I was praying God Krishna with each of my conscious breath and requesting the Almighty to take away my life but to return my mother. Suddenly on 6th day my motherstarted responding to the machine. 5%, 10%..... the response started going up. The Doctors team continued act of suction and injecting antibiotics.

Finally on 12th day my mother returned. The ventilator was removed. We moved home next day. She survived for next 5 years thereafter. "Bolo Krishna Kanaiya Lalki Jay".

She was given 'Kantkari Kadha' for 5 years to support lungs and broncos. But tired of the taste, she stopped the medicine. When I was on earthquake duty in Kutch my father developed angina and died of heart attack in April 2001. My mother followed him by declaring her departure in a month and died of lungs failure, pneumonia developed through hospital infections in May 2001.

Do try 'kantkari' if you have lungs, broncos or respiratory related problems.

Shubham Bhavatu Kalyanam.

10 October 2014

NB: Those tired of wearing 'pokhraj' ring to strengthen Jupiter, can hold Kantkari roots. It will give the same result as of Pokhraj!!!

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