Saturday, January 24, 2015

All are equal. Yatha Mati Tatha Gati

All are equal. Yatha mati tatha gati (As You Desire, You Act)

In spirituality, a story of worm and black bee is narrated to enlarge the thinking of a Sadhak to attain the Self. When the worm after getting wings is unable to understand that it can fly the bee disturbs it with sting repeatedly till it flies.

It suggests that thinking matters in making the individual big or small. Acharya Vishnu Gupta selected Chandra Gupta Maurya when he was playing a game as King. Jijabai and Jaivantabai made Shivaji and Pratap big by teaching lessons of bravery. 

When we go to vegetable market of Sector-21 and come across to people of many castes and creeds, we see how mother/parents make their children small or big. Sometimes, we see children from lower caste (vegetable vender) beg and many a times see the mother pushing the child to beg. The children of certain castes can't even think of begging. 

The trading community teaches their children to increase "vakaro" (sale) and an art to tell a lie. The farmers will teach farming. The artisans will teach artisan work. The politicians will teach politics. The industrialists will make them industrialists. We have seen Darbars family pumping superiority-ego to their children by calling them respectfully and naming them Singh and Baa. Brahmins will feed the children with superiority of their caste and social status. And lower castes grow with inferiority in mind.

Boss will make them boss and servants will make them servants unless the education institutions, friends and surroundings add some new inputs in those individuals. 

An NGO in US is propagating a theory of "all children are equal at birth". But the parents, society, surroundings, food, education, teachings, culture, etc make them unequal in terms of physical and mental abilities and output. DNA has a limited roll. It was insisting on to the parents, society and government to take care of the child from the very first day to make him/her a personality of their dream. 

Researchers have proved that human brain can grow up to 1 kg in first 2 years of age, thereafter the addition can be 200 to 300 grams during the entire life. If the parents teach lessons of life to each child properly to make them healthy and productive citizens, the entire population can rise up. 

The caste divisions and their characters grew from the teachings of their parents, siblings, friends, and environment where they live in or interact. Therefore Indian caste system and its characters survived for centuries till education and urbanisation entered into the stream.

There is a big role to play by parents, schools, colleges, govt, Ngos, etc, to make each one of them bigger in mind. Once this is done, the dignity will make the culture of the country big. Thereafter we shall not see beggars, criminals and people living with inferiority complex. World Peace can be attained through this path.

Therefore think Big and Make them Big, at least in thinking, as all are born equal at the time of birth.

Gnr. 24 January 2015


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