Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Last Breath is not the Death

Last Breath is not the Death.

Last breath is not a death. There are examples that many people returned to life after taking the last breath, most probably the people suffered heart attack. Many survived after the electric shock treatment. 

Hindu religion identified jiva's place in heart. But till brain is alive, person can be brought back to life. 

Hindu Sadhus used to try stopping heart bits in Samadhi and live for many years. The stop watch can be stopped and restarted when they wish to be in Samsaar. Some of you may know the story of Kalyavan, who was burnt to ashes by Muchukund who was in a sleep of thousands years had been woke up through a kick of Lord Krishna. 

Doctors succeeded in bringing my Mother back to life after her last breath because her brain was yet to die. 

With last breath, the body may stop moving but the brain has life. Some organs live for few hours. Therefore, eyes are donated after death. 

If some spontaneous treatment applied, there is one more chance to get back the person in life even after the last breath. 

Life is a visible live transmission of God in us. Let it live longer till we get the new cloth/body or a merger in the origin.

7 December 2015


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