Friday, January 2, 2015

Time Dilation for Living World, All live in relativity.

Time Dilation for Living World, All live in Relativity.

There are trillions of minds on earth and quadrillions in the Universe. Each mind is an "observer", has time clock built inside, that gives feeling of the length of life. But this clock neither clicking the same all the time for all minds nor the same for each individual. Some times slower, sometimes faster. The events, environment make the clock slower or faster. Time dilate. And accordingly each life is ageing.

Late Vijay Sharma expressed his feelings about time in his farewell speech that his IAS career moved from 3 phases (10 Y each) of time speed. The first 10 Y were slower, the second 10Y were faster and the last 10Y were the fastest. The first 10 years of field posting was looking very long but the last went like an blink of an eye.

Isn't it the same for all?

When we were children, the life was looking so long, and then the speed of time caught up as we grew older and older. Each individual's clock may have different time speed depending upon the events and environment they live in.

My parents remembered their unhappy 10 years the most as they felt them the longest painful years of their life. (Clocks run slower in deeper gravitational wells. This is called gravitational time dilation. -General Relativity principle of Einstein).

Number of pleasant or unpleasant events make the clock faster or slower. In pleasing events (Sukh), time clock runs faster therefore, everyone wishes to extend the pleasure of that joy (like post retirement extension!!!). Unpleasant events (Dukh:) have more gravity to hurt deep inside, make the clock slower and therefore people do forget pleasant events-time but not the unpleasant events-time. Relatively Dukh clock is slower than the Sukh clock.

The living world is living in time dilation and relativity too.

2 January 2015

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