Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Do you know the breath cycles?

Do you know the breathing cycles?

The Buddhist, the Lamas, the Tapaswis, the Sadhus, they control their brains through the breaths. The soldiers, the police, the shooter also hold their breath for a while while firing the object.

Do you know our breath works in a rhythm and cycle. The rhythm of sea waves and cycle of Ida-Sushumna-Pingala.


These are 3 major nadis. Each individual breath approximately 1.5 hrs through left nostril (more force in left nostril), then 108 breaths through both nostrils and 1.5 hrs through right nostril. Then again the same cycle. 

Left stronger is called Ida (Ganga) and it is cold in nature. Right stronger is called Pingala (Yamuna) and it is hot in nature. Centre (equal breath from both) is called Sushumna and it is balance in nature.

If you are feeling hot and inhale-exhale through left nostril, there is no need of AC. If you are feeling cold and inhale-exhale through right nostril, there is no need of blanket. 

If the baby is conceived when the breath is left stronger, likelihood of female child. If right breath is stronger, likelihood of male child. And if conceived during Sushumna time, likely to become eunuch, as per Ayurveda.

Sushumna time is considered Golden Period for connecting Jeeva with Sheeva. A time to remember the Almighty God. Therefore Muslim Namaaj are scheduled 9 times in a day at regular intervals, probably.  

Hindu Muhurtas also prohibit Samsarik Karmas during this God time.

Arjun's matsya vedh is a symbolic story of balancing breath while standing on a balance and targeting moving fish through  the image in water. 

Those who are master of their breaths are master of their acts.    

Breath control kara..tu.

Shubham Bhavatu.

6 January 2015


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