Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why we look up when pray or wish?

Why we look up when pray or wish?

Lord Krishna in Adhyay 15 of Holy Geeta, described the world of attachment with an imperishable banyan tree that has its roots upward (urdva moola) and its branches down. 

The earth rotate on its axis, therefore what is up for me is down for a guy in US at the same time. But up is not limited to a point in the sky but up high from everywhere. 

All of us know that because of bigger gravity than planets, all planets revolve around Sun. And the Solar system and other Stars systems orbits around the centre of the Galaxy. And the Galaxies are orbiting around the center of the Universe. And the Universes are orbiting around the heavier centre of the Existence. The lighter object orbits around the heavier object. And all revolve and rotate in the Pure Existence, the Brahmn, the Self, the Almighty, the GOD; Generator, Operator and Destroyer. 

Can you imagine the revolving speed? The Solar system is orbiting at 230 km/second (8,28,000 km/h), takes approximately 225-250 million years (= 1 Cosmic/Galactic Year) to complete one journey around the center of Milky Way Galaxy. 

And the centre of all objects may reach to zero speed at infinite level. (zero doesn't mean death, it is alive beyond yocto level).

Big Bang happened 61 Galactic years ago and modern humans appeared on earth 0.001 Galactic Year ago! We are still babies!

If we look at the live creatures on earth they are urdva moola, connected to the life from the head, not from the legs. The life energy and commands come from the top as well from the centre of existence. Therefore, when we wish some help, wish to pray, wish to thank; we always look up in the sky for connecting with that Almighty for pray or wish.

Gnr. 25 January 2015

NB: Newton's law of gravitation states that the mutual attractive force between two point masses**, m1 and m2, is proportional to one over the square of the distance between them. 


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