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Celibacy and Spirituality

Celibacy (Brahmcharya) and Spirituality

“The man of genius is frigid. When he tries to lead both lives, the intellectual life and the love life, the man of genius dies". -Balzac (French Novelist)

"A man practicing unbroken Bhattacharya for 12 years, a new inner nerve grows in him. When he succeeds in the conservation of his sexual energy, his intellect reflects the image of Brahman. - Sri Ram Krishna Param Hansa

Hindu Spirituality stands on Brahmcharya and western world stands on arousal. Most of the Hindu saints have preached for celibacy for speedy progress in spirituality; a Conversion of 'Retas' (sex fluid) into 'Tejas' (heat) and into 'Ojas' (spiritual heat).

Gandhi learned (probably) from Shrimad Rajchandra, the importance of Brahmcharya for magnetic impact over masses to transmit messages. He practiced celibacy from the age 36 Y. I read about Gandhi's worry (expressed before Jawaharlal) about reduction of his impact over public due to night discharge at one night at age 63. 

Following Gandhi, Jai Prakash Narayan and many leaders and workers of Gandhian days practiced celibacy for years. 

As per Ayurveda, 'virya' is the 7th and the purest dhatu (matter) of food. Food become Ras, Rakta, Mans, Med, Asthi, Majja, Virya. The first 6 dhatu generate waste but the last Virya is pure. It has capacity to generate new world. 

The sex-energy can be controlled and diverted from the sex-purpose and used for aesthetic and artistic or other creation and productiveness or preserved for heightening of the intellectual or other energies. 

Spirituality demands, energy flow in the chakras above navel. As the Sadhak succeeds in pulling up the energy upward, his aura get expanded. The mind is then withdrawn from the three lower centres of anus, sex organ, and navel; it attains a spiritual consciousness. When the kundalini awakens, it crosses muladhara, svadhisthana, manipura, anahat, vishuddha, agya and reach Sahstrar in Samaadhi, bliss, an union of Shiva and Shakti. 

Ancient Rishis were able to see and understand things beyond the physical world through this energy conversion.

The lower centres/chakras make an individual a follower of worldly desires and following upper centre making him a living in brahman, free from lust and greed. Living in lower centres he lives for himself and living in upper centres he lives for others. Therefore, those who wish to serve others or create impact over others or to expand his circle of consciousness aura, he has to follow celibacy through mind, speech and action. Even a thought of sex can destroy the strength of his eternal power. To become "Jitendriya" is the most difficult task. There are ways, asanas and thought processes to attain.  

It is because of celibacy culture of Indian religions, many women feel safe in religious ashrams, surrender to Guru and become victims of sex.

Many argue that Brahmcharya is a thought process to remain in Brahman thoughts (aham brahmasmi), not the physical celibacy. But thoughts are the most micro form of the food therefore the final dhatu generated after 7 stages of digestion is also important to protect inside. It definitely helps in improving concentration and memory power. Therefore, the study years fall in Brajmcharyasram (0-25). 

From physical health point of view, celibacy may increase Cholesterol! Lol.

“There is no liberation as long as you nurse some desire for enjoyment. From brahmacharya comes intellectual conviction and then comes faith in the power of Brahman. Without this faith, one cannot feel that he is living in Brahman. Sri Ram Krishna Param Hansa

12 January 2015

NB: My batch mate Willis (Manipur) was asked a question about celibacy of Gandhi in his UPSC interview in 1985. Gandhi had enough as he married at very early age, Willis replied and the Board Members laughed out loudly!


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