Friday, December 26, 2014

Who earn from Whom

Who earn from whom?

I happened to be in Dahod couple of years ago, went to one Voraji's shop in Hanuman Bazaar. There was a Voraji with two tribal boys in the shop. Voraji was sitting on desk and the two boys were working. 

How old is the shop? You have developed it well and must be earning good, I asked.

No Sir, these two boys are earning for me. Every morning I come to the shop, sit at the desk whole day, just keeping an eye on customers and sales of stationeries. I took my delicious lunch and go back home every evening taking the income in pocket. These two boys manage all the jobs of handling of customers, stock management, placing orders for new inventories, etc. I am called their employer but they are earning for me. I pay them fixed salary and profit is mine for owning the shop and sitting on desk. Whatever I am, it is because of their hard work.

What an honest confession it was!

Are all entrepreneurs confessing the same? If they do, dignity of labour will be respected more. Entrepreneurs will think more for their welfare along with their name in the list of rich, richer, richest.

26 December 2014 

NB: In offices, many times, we earn credit from the work output of our subordinates. Hope some of us transfer credits to them!


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