Thursday, December 25, 2014

What happens after death?

What happens after death?

It is a mystery yet to be resolved satisfactorily.

Religions tried to give answers but who will come back and confirm it after death?

I have seen three persons departing the world in my presence, my grand mother (88Y, 29/2/72), my father (80Y, 12/4/2001) and my mother (78Y 23/5/2001).

All three went into coma before the departure. My grand mother was unconscious for more than 48 hrs. The sound of inhalation and exhalation of breathe was the only presence of her life. We were all standing and sitting around her and waiting for some recovery. Suddenly on 3rd day evening around 9PM, a smile came on her face, her right hand moved little bit, my eyes glittered to see Dadi coming back, but in a fraction of a second, she left the world. The smile and right hand movement before departure puzzled me through out my life.

My father was hospitalized after angina pain, went into coma after sedation injections given by the Doctors of VS Hospital, Ahmedabad on 11th night and 12th morning. We were helplessly waiting for his coming in consciousness. Dr. Salim was reading book and the only reply was, wait till the effect of sedation drugs get over. The expected time was 1.30 PM. But he was not getting out of coma. Senior doctors were busy in OT and our worries started increasing. At around 3 PM, my father did posture of wearing dhoti (like he used to wear after bath) and went into coma. Within few minutes at 3.15 PM, a smile came on his face and a shiver passed through my body, the same smile I saw on the face of my departing grand mother. Same thing happened. He left us in seconds.

What was it? Why did they smile before departure? Was it a meeting with God or light or a remembrance of sweet memory? They were unwell. Is it true that departing souls are getting free from pain and sorrow and become light weight and feeling like flying in sky? There are research but death is an unresolved mystery. What happens to the person/driver living in the physical body? Was it just a fuse off ? or a change of cloth/body/form for new journey? 

On mother side, another story puzzled me.

My mother's Grandfather Swami Bechardas (Gambhu, Kanpir Gaadi, Bahucharaji taluko of Mehsana) predicted his death (Samaadhi) by calling his family, villagers and some disciples, 6 months prior to his death. 

He told them that with a first drum bit of temple aarti in the evening, all lamps in Kanpir temple will light, fresh water come in the well (in front of the temple), his left eye will close and he will leave the world in sitting posture of Sukhasana Sammadhi. The same happened after 6 months on 20/1/1939 (Vikram Samvat 1995, Posh Vad Amaas) . 

One miracle was recorded in his name too. He performed "Paat Pooja" (on 20/1/39 night), did bhajan kirtan in village Pilvay (Vijapur taluka of Mehsana) that night after his death. After the path, he left them at 4 AM to go to village Kukarwada and told them go to Gambhu carrying 4 Ravas (blocks) of Jaggery. When the villagers of Pilvay reached Gambhu with jaggery blocks, they were surprised and shocked by knowing Guru's death. 

How could he performed Paat Pooja in Pilvay that night after his death? My mother was 16 years old that time, lived all the time with her grandfather was a direct witness of the event for me.

I am still in puzzle on those mysteries.

What happens after death?

24 December 2014


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