Sunday, December 28, 2014

IAS Baby, AIS Officers are Brahmins (Dwij)

IAS Baby, AIS Officers are Brahmins (Dwij)

AIS officers are recruited through 3 stages of examinations; preliminary, mains and interview. 5 lakh write preliminary, 10-15000 clear it and write mains, of which 1500 are called for interview from whom 800 are selected. This is called recruitment.

Do you know, the process of birth of a "Baby" is also called "recruitment", passing through the same process of preliminary, mains and interview?

In simple language, 3-11 (2-5 mm) follicle starts journey during first 5 days of menstrual cycle (Preliminary), of them 5-7 grow in size (Mains) but only one of them grow up to 10 mm (7th day) take dominance, start growing at the rate 2-3 mm a day, and reaches to size 17-27 mm on ovulate day 14th (28-14=14). Before the ovulation it gets active for fertilization. Therefore day 10-11-12-13-14-15 are very important (interview) for the couple to become active to get the follicle recruited.

The interviewers (the couple) also need some preparation. The female should not eat acidic food and the male should concentrate more on eating ambla, udad, rice, etc that increase quantity and quality of sperms. Better to follow celibacy during first 8 days of menstrual cycle. Baby is an accident, a gift of God, but for that accident the couple to do "Brahma Karma" during that golden 7 days, 10-17. They are to plan their tours, moods and fights accordingly!

Those born twice are called "dwij", "Brahmins". All AIS officers are "Brahmins" as they are born twice; first from the recruitment of follicle and second from the recruitment of UPSC. LoL.

Shubham bhavatu.

27 December 2014

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