Wednesday, September 23, 2015

We are creation of our mind.

We are creation of our mind.

Hinduism believes that the universe and all the creatures are created by Brahma from his mind. It is a manasi srishti. The samashti consciousness is taking new forms every moment. The show is going on.

Researchers of the modern world have mostly accepted the evolution theory of Darwin. 

How could the first reptile got it's wings to fly? It was not happened to all at a time. But their minds were demanding. And one super mind was able to change the DNA system through mind, and found the wings and the birds created. Therefore, there are creatures with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 senses. The first jeeva had only one sense, the central nerve of consciousness. It desired for touch and skin created. It desired for mouth and mouth created. It desired for nose and nose created. It desired for eyes and eyes created. It desired for ears and ears created. Desire is the seed for evolution. Desire is expanding the size of the brain in each creature and taking new forms. And within the species, each one is different. The fittest survive. All humans don't grow in one direction. Each one has different ability. And the more organized, the dreamer, takes the lead.

We see millions of creatures on earth. The life lines may vary but the system is the same: birth, growth, pairing, reproduction, ageing and dying. The activities vary as per the weight and volume of their brain, the main organ of the nerve system. Human brain governs them all because it has larger brain in relative terms. It's brain has reached to a weight of 13-1400 grams and volume of 1300 cm3. Human brain volume grew from 600 cm3 to 1500 cm3 and shrunk to 1300 cm3. Cerebral cortex is more developed in human brain therefore it has more vision. And the brain size is changing continuously. God knows, after some geographical years, some other species may govern the earth.

If the favourable system ends for the creatures to survive on the Earth, the samashti brain will create its samsar on another planet. And the Earth may not be it's only playground. There may be creatures in different forms elsewhere. The stars, planets, atmosphere, etc, the entire cosmic scene has been created by the samasti brain (consciousness) with the desire, Ekoham Bahushyam (The One, who chose to become many). One Gold has taken form of different ornaments. The same basic substance a variety of objects with different forms are produced. 

We as individual have our path as dot. As a group our path is union of dots as wave. And all waves together our form is of an Ocean, the creation of Brahma from it's mind (thought). Desire is the seed that generate thought in brain and it takes a form as desired. Therefore, if you wish to expand more, dream, desire and act and go on acting on the stage of nature. And if satisfied, conclude, burn the seed of desire, and submerge with the Universal Consciousness. Everything is possible here. It's a live drama. Whatever you desire, it will happen today or tomorrow. Therefore keep watching your desire, the thoughts and action. Because it is our tomorrow.

23 September 2015

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